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"The Legend" by Steve Cook
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Ancient Dogman Epic:
Shadow & Flame

by Frank Holes Jr.


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Updated:  August 2, 2011

Click here for the website of the first Dogman novel:
Year of the Dogman
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The Dogman Epoch: Shadow And Flame
Click here for the website of the first Dogman novel:
Year of the Dogman
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Michigan's Dogman:  
Myth or reality?


With a master’s in educational leadership from Central Michigan University, and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Michigan State University, Frank Holes, Jr. teaches literature, writing, and mythology at the middle school level and was recently named a regional Teacher of the Year. He lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Michele, son James, and daughter Sarah.  


 A masterful blend of science fiction, fantasy, and folklore, the DOGMAN EPOCH is an epic tale in its own era, stretching from the present day to far beyond the history of humanity.


Tying the Dogman legend to the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophesy, a secret governmental agency races to solve the ancient puzzle and save the world from destruction, all the while dodging a hidden enemy…


10,000 years in the past, the Nagual and their sorcerer chieftain begin their conquest of the native civilizations. Can the great Guardians stand against the evil onslaught, or will the looming end of the Third Age of the Sun prove the downfall of humanity?


You can also find more information, as well as updates on the Dogman legend and novels, on our website.  There are reports of sightings and encounters, as well as a place for the kids to submit their own fictional Dogman stories.  And we offer educational discounts for teachers and schools.  Check us out at:

Latest News: July 14, 2008

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From the back cover of the novel:

"The creature would suffer the best mankind could throw at it and still survive.  It could live through crashes and impacts of every sort.  It wasn’t a werewolf, and couldn’t be taken down by silver bullets, nor by any bullets of any sort.  It had survived the ravages of fire and ice, of great storms and time eternal.  It had seen the rise and fall of many native civilizations, and it had even aided the destruction of cultures.  Its roots traced back to the blackest of supernatural magic.  It wasn’t any sort of animal native to our world.  And it was a far cry from its once human origins. 

"Days were quiet and nights were silent.  That was the one nice aspect of the little community out in the woods.  Very little excitement ever happened.  Folks’ lives generally followed their basic routines.  They worked hard.  They played hard.  In many cases they drank hard.  The community was fairly close-knit; everyone knew each other. It was a rare event that an outsider bothered anybody or anybody got themselves really riled up.  At least it was that way until that third week of June, 1987.  The haunting of Sigma had begun, and the town’s days were numbered."

In The Haunting of Sigma, Frank Holes, Jr. returns fans of the legendary Dogman to the wild world of cryptozoology in Northern Michigan .  This darker, far more sinister prequel to Holes’s first novel fully establishes his hold upon the imaginations of readers all over the Midwest .  June 1987 ushers in the hot, dry summer season, but something else far more horrifying has taken up residence in the deep wilderness in Kalkaska County .  The Dogman, a supernatural combination of canine and man, has returned to wreck havoc upon the tiny, sleepy community of Sigma.

Eric Martin, a young conservation officer with a propensity for trouble, uncovers clues to a mysterious beast stalking the dense forests.  The townsfolk share nightmarish accounts of horrifying grunts and howls that permeate the dark hours.  Gigantic, mysterious wolf-like prints are scattered at the scene of several ‘accidents’ and vandalized properties.  Pets come up missing, and livestock are slaughtered mercilessly.  A number of residents disappear completely in the chaos.  Phone lines go dead and the power is lost unexpectedly.  And the clues all connect back to a preposterous folklore song about an even more unbelievable legendary creature. 

Some folks packed their bags to escape the madness.  Some folks loaded guns in an attempt to solve the problem themselves.  And every night during that long week, everyone stayed awake.  Only a handful have discovered the creature’s true identity, but they may be far too late to save the desperate inhabitants and the little village from total destruction.  In this terrible prequel to the regional thriller, Year of the Dogman, Frank Holes, Jr. yet again spins a tale of suspense and horror as Sigma counts down its last few days of existence. 


In the seventh year of the '80s decade, the Dogman arrived in the  little northern Michigan community of Sigma...and it was never the same again...   

The Haunting of Sigma
a novel by
Frank Holes Jr.

Terrorizing the North, July 4, 2008!



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