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"The Legend" by Steve Cook
The ballad that started it all and 
became the inspiration for the novel.

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Michigan's Dogman:  
Myth or reality?

The Gable Film...Fact or Fiction?

The Gable Film is a disturbing piece of possible Dogman evidence.  

No one knows who the people in the film are, exactly when or where it was shot.  

It is surmised that the film is mid to late 1970s, based on the vintage of the snowmobiles and truck.  

There are even some who think it is a home-made monster movie.  

It was shot on old 8mm film, and found at an estate sale before it was brought to Steve Cook for analysis.  


The majority of the film shows standard, typical up-north living.  The folks in the film are chopping wood, driving snowmobiles, playing with their  dog.  

But toward the end of the film, a very disturbing sequence of events takes place.  

First, a creature of some sort is seen in a wooded field.  The truck stops and the camera operator gets out.

When the creature is spotted again, it stalks the camera operator for a few steps before charging.

The last few seconds show the camera tilting in all directions, followed by the three frames seen to the right.  Then the viewfinder only shows a sideways view of the grassy ground.  

No one knows what happened to the camera operator.

Interested in seeing the original Gable Film?  click the link below:

Click the link below to access Steve Cook's Blog for more information on the Gable Film & Dogman legend that will be on Fox News, Friday, July 10 at 9 pm:

Gable Film To Appear on Sean Hannity Show - July 10


A REAL encounter from Deion (posted 3/19/11)

It was me and my buddy and we were in Roscommon, Michigan. We were on our way out into the woods for our evening hunt. The hunt went well. We saw the normal 2 or 3 deer but we couldn't get a shot. So we left a little early because we were irritated. We put our stuff in the back of the truck. My buddy heard some rustling in the woods behind us. So me and my buddy got our flashlights out of the truck and when we shined our light into the brush, we saw two huge red glowing eyes about 7 feet up off the ground.  We followed them down and all we could see was a massive dog's foot sticking out of the brush so we ran to the truck in fear. When the lights turned on we saw a dog that stood upright about 7 feet tall and we started driving away and we never saw it again and it had to be the scariest experience of our lives.

A REAL encounter from Rodney (posted 3/15/11)

A few years ago, around midnight, I was on my way home to Sault Ste. Marie, MI. On I-75, a couple hundred yards south of the Bay Road overpass in Mackinaw County, I noticed something move near the highway reflectors. Thinking it was a deer I turned on the bright lights and watched for it to cross the road. As I approached it I notice that what I thought was the reflectors on the highway was orange, and then it blinked on and off like an eye. Thinking, "what the heck is that?" I sped up to get closer. As I got closer I could see the silhouette of the animal. It was sitting like a dog, its head was even with the reflectors. It stood on all 4s and turned and walked down in the ditch then up a little incline then turned and looked at my truck. It turned back to the highway walked on all 4s to the shoulder of the blacktop looked at the truck again with those orange eyes. The eyes were huge. It then jumped to within a foot or two of the center line, and then the next jump landed in the grass on the shoulder of the road. I was probably like 100 feet from it. This animal was rippling in muscles, and looked like it weighed around 500 pounds if not more. Its hair which covered its body looked short and its head was huge with hardly no neck. After I passed were it crossed I hit the brakes, as there were no cars on the highway, and started to back up. As I got close to the spot were it crossed I suddenly felt fear and thought, "What the hell am I doing?" I put the truck back in drive and began to leave. As I was rolling the window up I glanced back and noticed a light, bright like a flood light, ascending into the sky at a high rate of speed. It was at a angle of about 1 o'clock and in just a few seconds was out of sight. Something else that was strange was there were not any light rays trailing it.

A REAL encounter from Kennedi (posted 2/25/11)

Ok well in Houghton Lake, Michigan in 2010 I went camping with my dad and my brother. We went out to the real woods not just a campsite. It was somewhere around noon and we started to hear coyotes yelp and howl. My dad said that coyotes are never out this early. My dad howled at them and they howled back. My dad thought maybe they were sick and looking for food. He said that they'd do anything for food if they were sick. I didn't know about the legend of the Dogman during that time. But now I'm starting to wonder if maybe it was the Dogman. It came to be bed time for me and my brother but my dad stayed up by the fire. He woke us up early at like 3 or 4 am and made us go in the truck and sleep there for the rest of the night because the sounds were only like twenty feet away. I asked him the next day to howl at them and he said no because he didn't want them to come eat us. He said that next time he is gonna bring a gun just in case.

A REAL encounter from IwantTobelieve (posted 1/23/10)

My dad and I were out hunting near Luther and we were on this hill in the woods. There was this tree that was fork-shaped.  I saw something standing there but dad didn't.  It looked like a wolf that was standing up.  I couldn't see him well because it was about 30 yards away and there was foliage around it.  I didn't tell my dad because he would have told me I was seeing things.  

I shot at it with my bb gun to see what it would do.  It just moved a little and still stared at us. I can't believe my dad didn't see it, but he did not have his glasses that day.  We walked away and I turned around and I didn't see him.  I know what he looked like because I saw the artist's rendition of him.  He had the same ears as the picture.  I had the crap scared out of me!

A REAL encounter from  Tammy Mills (posted 12/02/09)

I was walking the woods with my boyfriend one day and I saw something run in front of me at a distance.  It did startle me but at first I thought it was nothing so we just kept walking.. I saw it again and it startled me even more because I didn't know what it was at the time. It looked like a dog and a man at the same time. It didn't dawn on me at the time but after a few minutes of thinking of it I remembered the legend of the Michigan Dogman. My boyfriend just laughed at me when I told him I wanted to go home because he didn't believe me.  We started to walk further away in the woods when my boyfriend saw it.  He decided to turn around and go home.  The closer we got to my house it seemed that the figure got closer and closer.  I looked behind us 3 or 4 times but the very last time I looked at the figure it started to run after us so we ran all the way home... We never went into those woods ever again!

A REAL encounter from  Craig G.  (posted 11/29/09)

I recently recalled an experience from my childhood that had been repressed in my mind since I was about 4 or 5 years old. As a child, I grew up on a 20 acre lot just on the outskirts of Cadillac. At that time there was more tree coverage and fewer  industrial sites in the area; we were mostly surrounded by woods.

One early summer morning I had gotten up before dawn to watch my Dad get ready to go off to work. Some mornings he'd get up at 3:30 to 4:00 a.m. to start his days. Me and my Mom would get up and send him on his way; daily routine back then. He'd always put on his work pants and work shirts over his regular clothes and proceed to go out to his truck and load his equipment for the day. His work clothes were the dark and mossy looking material; really coarse feeling. In the darkness he'd look really shaggy looking.

The morning of my encounter I had gotten up a little earlier than usual and was very groggy. I stumbled to the large plate glass window and saw something rummaging in the truck's bed over the side of the truck. I assumed it was just dad so I banged on the window to get his attention and wave. I was chilled to the bone by what peered back at me. A creature that stood on two feet but for the life of me had the head of a dog; canine-like but yet somehow human. We locked eyes for what seemed to be an eternity. Strangely enough though the eyes were not yellow as everyone else seems to see. They were a pale yellow/green in color.

I finally mustered a scream and fell backwards off the couch in front of the window. As I was falling backwards the creature had already hit all fours and was lunging for the window. He started at a good twenty feet away at the trucks back end. My scream had gotten my dad out of the bathroom and into the living room yelling to my mom to hush me up. He looked out the window and asked me what I saw but I was just sobbing. He went to the front door and turned on the porch light and found nothing. Annoyed that his morning was off to a not-so-quiet start, he made my mother take me back to bed and he left for the day.

I was so traumatized by this experience I repressed it for all these years. It took looking up the Dogman and studying cryptozoolgy to kick the memory loose again. The house where this took place still stands but the tree coverage that was abundant as a child is history. Whatever that thing is, I'm sure he's still out there waiting.

A REAL encounter from  Cody Baynham (posted 11/26/09)

It was November 15th and me and my dad were heading to our deer blinds. It was around 6:30, it was very dark and foggy and you could only see a few feet in front of you.  I got in my blind and got ready, then about 10 minutes later I heard something running behind me. I got scared because deer shouldn't be awake. Then I could see something down the road, it looked like a bear but it was standing up on two feet. Then it stopped and it looked like it sniffed the air, I hoped it didn't smell me because it was looking right at me. Then it just ran off the other way, I finally got the nerve to call my dad to come get me. Then I told him what happened. He told me that he saw 2 coyotes and that my cousin shot one. Something was weird - we never see coyotes out where we were hunting, but all of a sudden there were 3. It was like there was a coyote frenzy going on.

A REAL encounter from  Jess Carson (posted 8/04/09)

A few years back in Topinabee, Michigan my uncle was coming home from work he had just passed the Indian river golf course leading into Topinabee and suddenly this huge black object ran across the road.

A REAL encounter from  Emilio (posted 7/28/09)

Me and my friend Aris were in the woods by Traverse City  Christian School and then out of the corner of our eyes we saw something like bigfoot.  We thought it was the DOGMAN. so we ran back to our cross country group

A REAL encounter from  Kevin Collier (posted 4/08/09)

Interviewed a man, he and several friends saw Dogman in Grand Haven, Michigan in 1993 and 1994. A story about it is at the top of my Strange Grand Haven page:

According to eyewitnesses, a creature fitting the description of the Dogman appeared in Grand Haven from 1993 to 1994. “Ben," who was a young teenager at the time, saw the creature not once, but three times, and believes each time he was seeing another individual in what could have been a pack taking refuge in Hofma Nature Preserve. In 1993 after dark, Ben was hiking the trails in Hofma Nature Preserve with as many as four friends. Just passing the float bridge, near the center of the preserve, he heard a sound to his right. He spied what resembled to be a dog appear from behind a tree on a ridge above. “I thought it was just a dog walking, and then it stood up on its hind legs,” he recalled. Mostly in silhouette, between him and the moon no more than 70 feet away, Ben realized due to its size (over 7 feet tall) and human-like outline, it was not “just” a dog.

The Dogman is reported to have a canine-like head, human-like body, and walks upright. “It was on two legs, very tall, but hunched over. It was covered in thick black hair. The eyes reflected the light, just like a raccoon or dog’s eyes would,” one eyewitness reported, who saw the creature at night along a wooded road in northern Michigan. Photo is a graphic depiction only.


Did a vehicle hit a Dogman?
In early 1994, a car on Lakeshore Drive was involved in a collision with a large animal. The occupants of the vehicle were uninjured, and police were reported to have determined it was a deer strike. Witnesses said there was gray fur all over the front of the wrecked vehicle, but no blood, or animal carcass was found. One witness was reported to say, “The driver couldn’t even explain what he hit.”


A REAL encounter from  Alec LaBadie  (posted 1/29/09)

My name Is Alec LaBadie from Rockford, MI and I have two encounters.

e:1= I was taking my dogs to go to the bathroom at 3:00am and i decided to go out there with them so they dont run away. I was out in my front yard when i heard a growl from the side of my house. I quickly looked over and there was a rustle in the bushes, I saw a tail and a leg and it was gone. I was really ******* scared. (i am 13 btw) I took my dogs in and went to bed although i didnt get much sleep that night.

e:2= In my back yard if you go strait you go over to a hill and to my freinds house, if you go left you go into the forest. I was over at my friends house (Casey Vogel)and I didnt realize what the time was. It was 11:38 and I said i had to go home. As I left me and him were joking about wolves eating me (because both of our houses are covered by forest) and we laughed for a few seconds and i headed over the hill. As i got to the top there was a deep growl from the forest and I looked over and saw the eyes. It was too dark to see the Dogmans body so I ran off really ******* scared. He was chasing me and I could hear him behind me. I got to my front door and glanced behind me and the Dogman was gone. I heard a long howl (I know the dogman doesnt really howl so it may of just been a wolf) and i went inside with a hell lot of memories inside of my head that shouldn't of been.
I still have nightmares about it to this day.

A REAL encounter from  David Cohoe (posted 11/25/08)

The way that this story all fell together for me is just way too weird for this story to be untrue.

About three years ago, my cousin, Mike, and I were dropping off his girlfriend and her friend after seeing a movie. It was about 11 o'clock and we were going down this long gravel road that stemmed off another back-county road. The long gravel road was about two miles long and it led directly to his girlfriend's house (it was basically her driveway).

After dropping them off and heading back up the driveway we saw something off the side of the road about a hundred yards or so away. At first we just figured it was some sort of animal, so we flashed the brights on and off to scare it away.

Once we got closer, maybe 20 yards away, we realized this wasn't anything we had ever seen before. Whatever it was stood up. Its back was massive and hunched over and its legs were very skinny. When it looked at us, its eyes glowed in the headlights. Scared to death, I just looked down. I did not want to look at this thing, I was way to terrified. My cousin and I both sat there panicking.

"Do we turn the headlights off?"
"What if we lose sight of it?"

"Do we just turn the car off and let this thing walk away?"
"What if there's another one and we can't start the car and get away fast enough?"

"Do we hit it and keep driving?"
"What if we don't kill it and it sits on the hood and tries to get into the car?"

As we both sat there in terror, I continued to watch it out the top of my eyes. There was no way that I was going to look directly at this, or if there's another one, I don't want to see it either. All I could really see of it was its skinny dog-like legs and its massive upper body. It stood there for a second and then just walked into the woods... ON TWO LEGS!!

Up until a while ago, when I told people about it, I told them that the only thing I remember were the way its eyes shined back, its large, hunched over back, and its skinny "dog-like" legs. When my cousin and I talked about it, we just tried to conclude that maybe it was a deformed bear or something. We had never heard of the Michigan Dogman before.

The part where this story gets weird is when I was talking to my friends back at home, just a few weeks ago, we were trying to get together a ghost hunting trip for when I came home on leave from San Diego with the Marines. I was online searching for Michigan hauntings, and Michigan paranormal activity, and I came across this story titled, "Michigan Dogman." The police reports, the witness accounts, the drawings, everything matched perfectly. It was crazy to me that other people had seen what I saw that night. It had been about three years since then and it was insane that just now I'm finding such a perfect explanation.


This one's a FICTIONAL story by Ryan:

One oddly silent night I was hanging out with a group of my friends in northwest Michigan. We usually hangout every weekend and do things that get the adrenaline pumping. Everything from launching fireworks at personal property to invading so-called haunted graveyards at midnight with only the light of the full moon. My friends and I are an odd bunch of kids (or so I have been told) who have been best friends since back in the good old days of elementary school. That night bonded us through fear and horror of what all but one of us experienced.

We live in the small county of Goldstream, which is flat farmland with some swap-like areas. We were cruising along the road when we pulled into the parking lot of a church undergoing construction. There were traffic cones signaling the areas undergoing work that we decided to take just for the hell of it. My friend Alex took five in his car and I took five in mine. Our plan was to go just outside the county where it was desolate and mess with traffic with the cones we had acquired. On the drive there, we noticed that all the cows in one pen were huddled in the corner as if hiding from something, but we though nothing of it. Upon reaching our destination, we heard a far off howl, but because we were the adventurous types, we shrugged it off thinking it was just a common timber wolf. OH! How wrong we were. 

The fog was very thick at this time of night (around midnight I would say) and drivers would only be able to see a few feet in front of them, and would not be able to avoid any cones out in the road. What a terribly clever idea I thought to myself as I set a few in the road about 15 yards from each other. After the very second that I had set the last cone down, we heard the howling again, but this time it received our full attention. This was mainly because it seemed a lot closer this time. My friend Cody kept insisting that we should leave and that it would be in our best interest to not have to deal with whatever was howling. But our attention was drawn away from the howling as we heard a car approach the area of road with the traffic cones. After a few seconds of listening we heard the car come to a screeching halt as it hit a cone. Knowing that we were in big trouble, we ran farther into this swampy section of land. We heard footsteps on the round and the rough sound of an older gentleman say “damn kids!”

This is when it got bad. We knew the old man had left but we could continue to hear footsteps, these were much heavier and behind us. Cody said to make a run for it but I must have confused “run to the car” with “Find a new hiding spot!” As all my friends except for a boy named Mike took a right, I took a left. I came to the edge of a murky pond where I could hear something large splashing the water out just beyond the visibility levels of the fog. At this point I had no doubt that I was dealing with the DogMan of Michigan and I was trembling as though I was in an earthquake. Mike and I had curiosity get the best of us and we leaned forward a bit to have a look. The dim outline of an extremely large man came into view but this was no man. The yellow eyes were staring me down as I examined the rest of it. I heard a small yelp and Mike had made a run for it but I stood still, frozen with fear. The beast was extremely hairy with a snout and fangs large enough to bite clean through a man my size ( I was fairly skinny and 6’ tall). The one thing that really hooked me was that it was a bipedal animal, standing on two feet. The beast's yellow eyes continued to stare me down and I noticed that it began to move in my direction. I then heard yells of my name. “Ryan!” I heard “Ryan hurry to the car!” I was relieved that my friends had not left without me but more alarmed at the beast slowly making its way towards me. I ran like a Kenyan marathon runner towards the sound of the voices and I could hear the large splash of the beast exiting the water in my direction. I reached my car and everyone was relieved to see me in one piece.

We jumped into the car and I gunned it down the road. And just as we got moving the 7’ monster got to the side of the road and clawed my car. Then it let out the most bloodcurdling howl I can never forget. The worst part was that I heard a return howl in the direction I was heading. Alex’s car was in front of me and I saw it stop and drift around into the opposite direction of me and I did the same when I saw a similar beast ahead of me. As we drove past the spot where the first one clawed my car, I saw the beast standing, just watching as we passed by.

It has been four years since we encountered this thing and I have not gone through one whole night without having a nightmare about the events that took place that day. We joke about it occasionally but we mainly keep our thoughts to ourselves. Since that first encounter I have heard that call many a time and now I know what lies in the woods of Michigan in Goldstream County.

A REAL encounter from  L.A. Martel (posted 11/25/08)

I don't know if this will be helpful but it's interesting.

I live in Sarnia, Ontario, on the Canadian side of the Michigan border. Almost 2 months ago a police officer friend of my husbands told him about being called out to a farm outside of Corunna, still on the border but further down river, to examine some horses. What he found was 6 horses in a corral that had bled to death from huge claw marks to their neck and shoulder areas. There had been reports of a lynx on the native reserve outside of town and a young boar black bear had been trapped and moved from about 100 km. away from this incident but these predators don't kill like that, they will kill 1 prey, drag it away and cache it, then go back for another; these horses died where they were attacked. Just another one of those strange stories with no immediate explanation, I suppose.

A REAL encounter from Craig Najarian (posted 11/19/08):

Incident occurred late July,2008 approximately 1.30 a.m. The neighbor's dog started barking and running back and forth along the side of our houses. After 15 minutes I became weary from the noise and got out of bed to take a look at what was causing the commotion. It was a clear, warm night without cloud cover, and I don't remember seeing the Moon. I slid open the sliding door from our bedroom to the backyard and patio/pool area. I turned left towards my neighbors' house which is about 15-20 feet from my bedroom. There is a concrete enclosure next to our bedroom that houses the air conditioner and pool machinery. As I stepped out of the bedroom and took a couple of steps, I was greeted by guttural growl coming from the other side of the enclosure that I could not see. It was frightening and froze me in my tracks. I was scared. I have never heard anything like it except in the Hollywood Werewolf movies. It was definitely saying don't make another move or else, you get ripped apart, you will die. At least that's what I felt. I was born and raised in Detroit and lived on the near-westside on 12th Street and Burlingame. We had rough tough guys in those days and a white boy living in a black neighborhood is something like daily combat. I didn't scare easily but I was terrified this night.

I didn't see anything the next morning such as tracks on the pavement. It was not feline nor was it a bear, both of which can be found where we live. Also, it was not a coyote which I have seen many in the early a.m. out hunting as close as ten feet away carrying small prey in their mouths.  I used to take my wife for medical treatment three times a week at 3.00 a.m. for eight years so I had may encounters with these animals and I repeat a coyote it was not. I know, I could have taken ten or 15 steps and found out what the mystery was, however mama didn't raise no fool and I didn't have a Colt 45 with six silver in the chamber and six silver in a speed-loader so I let it slide.  There was one reported incident in the 1980's in Valencia which is next to Castaic where my family was living. A couple of teenage boys were camping out one night and were harried by what they reported to the police as a dogman-like creature that stood upright and ran on two feet and was covered with dark shaggy hair. 

That's my story, it is nothing but the truth. I was born in Detroit and lived there until 1966 when I moved to California and I never heard anything about the dogman. My cousin attended Ferris State in Big Rapids and he never mentioned the dogman legend to me. In addition I went to summer camp in Port Huron one year when I was in high school, Camp Ozenham or something like that spelling and this was the perfect place for a dogman to live but nothing was ever mentioned about. Michigan is a perfect place for a dogman creature to live, plenty of green and fresh water with a moderate population as opposed to CA where fresh water would definitely be a major problem for survival.

This article is from the Kalamazoo Gazette (click this link for the original article):

Author: Legend of the Dog Man still haunts the woods of Michigan

by Simon Thalmann | Kalamazoo Gazette

Thursday October 30, 2008, 12:27 PM

KALAMAZOO -- Some say they've seen a "dog man" stalking the woods of Michigan.

And this man-sized, two-legged, upright-walking canine reportedly has been sighted as nearby as Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, according to author and researcher of the weird Linda Godfrey.

Fact or just fiction?

Judge for yourself when Godfrey speaks about her latest book, "Strange Michigan: More Wolverine Weirdness," at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Kalamazoo Public Library, 315 S. Rose St.

Godfrey, of Elkhorn, Wis., said in a phone interview that now, because of Halloween and the associated interest in the strange and paranormal, is one of her busier times of year.

"Oh, yeah," she said, "this is my crazy time."

Godfrey admitted she has never seen Dog Man, which it is commonly called in Michigan, but said she receives many reports from those who have -- reports from all over the world.

"I don't know the exact percentage" of sightings in Michigan, she said, "but there are quite a few ... and they occur mostly in the Lower Peninsula from the Indian River area (an upscale community northeast of Traverse City). ... And about halfway between Traverse City and Grand Rapids is another area of multiple sightings, and then down by Kalamazoo."

Godfrey, author of "Hunting the American Werewolf" and "The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf," and co-author of "Weird Michigan" and "Weird Wisconsin," is well-known in cryptozoology circles. Cryptozoologists study animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster.

"I've talked to hundreds of people who've seen it and they're all quite convinced they saw something real," she said of the Dog Man. "If it's not real, there's some really strange mass hallucination that's unexplainable by science -- probably more unexplainable by science than a canine that manages to adapt itself to walk upright sometimes."

Godfrey believes it's possible the creature could be a species of wolf that's simply adapted over time to be able to walk on its hind legs when it wants to. What she doesn't think is that it's an actual werewolf.

"I do not think it's what people consider a traditional werewolf, a human being changing physically into a wolf," she said. "(But) I refuse to put a label on it because once you decide it's one thing you close the door on investigations -- you may as well just quit."

Her door to opportunities stays open.

"I just finished a book called 'Mythical Creatures,'" she said. "It's part of a series I've been doing for a New York publisher. And I'll probably do a third beast book.

"I did another book titled 'Werewolves' for the New York publisher, (and) I'm working on a novel. I have lots of things going on," Godfrey said.

Godfrey said her novel is a fantasy about a German gnome.

"It's an experience my friend had," she said. But "it does have a werewolf in it."


A REAL encounter story from Evan (posted 5/23/08):

I don't know if this really counts as we didn't see anything but it was close enough. My grandparents own a farm in Luther, MI with a large patch of pines behind their home. One evening, maybe 1997, my dad and I went for a walk in those woods. My dad wanted to, I didn't so much due to hour and the woods already being dark. As we entered the woods my dad tried to scare me by making a howling noise (coincidentally enough we had just heard the Legend song a few days prior). I hit him and told him that wasn't funny. He chuckled saying there is no such thing, it's just a story. I grumbled saying even stories have some bit of truth in them. We walked on into the woods, eventually losing the little bit of daylight that remained outside the woods. Then we heard a screaming howl come from the back of my grandpa's property, maybe a quarter mile away. I again told my dad that wasn't funny and he said it wasn't him. It happened again. Only this time, it was closer. Whatever made the sound, and it was the same sound just louder, was moving, fast, too. We didn't hear anything that sounded like movement in the tree or underbrush but I was certain something was out there. We continued our merry little walk through the woods, much to my chagrin, but we didn't hear another thing from the woods, though the entire time I felt like I was being watched by something that didn't like me or want me there.

The thing that sets it off is this woods are very close to the cabin that was scratched up in Luther, MI, so this is obviously its area to be in. I think this occurred in '97 due the frequency of the song being played on the radio, so this may the 7th year prophecy fulfilled.
Well this is my encounter, hope its to your liking, as much as it freaks me out.

A REAL encounter story from Doug Lanning (posted 5/10/08):

I was out sledding on a snowbank my dad had made plowing.I wasout there for maybe 35 min. and I went down the hill and went further due to a packed path. I went and as I got up out of my sled, I saw a footprint. It was 10-12 inches and had claws also. I went inside and told my mom she didn't believe me.



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