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Stories and Encounters
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Michigan's Dogman:  
Myth or reality?

A fictional story by Madison: 

It was a bright morning at my sisters house and we were having breakfast and her daughters were outside playing hide and seek. We got breakfast made and we were calling them to come eat, when we heard a scream. We ran out side and saw only Alissa. I asked, "Were was Kayla?" and she said she saw her - then she ran. We looked and we found her in a tree sobbing her eyes out. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I saw the Dogman." I said, "Your seeing things." She said, "I read three books about the Dogman." 

Then we herd a boom. We saw something plunging toward us. We ran all the to the lake. Then two things ran faster and faster toward us. I picked them up and ran through the lake.  Then they swam after us so I got out of the lake and ran across the rocks. We went home and I told Ellie and she spit out her food and laughed. Then she saw it out the widow. She locked eyes with it and screamed. Then it ran. We never saw it again.

A fictional story by Steven:

I'm sitting in my basement on the computer just playing some games when I hear banging and noises outside by our truck ( the computer's right by the driveway and there's a window there.)  So I think my dad is home.  I go upstairs to say hi and when I get up there his car isn;t there (he drives a car to work its just a truck for hauling.)  I just think " is someone out here?"  So now I'm a little freaked out.  I hear the gate open up ( its very squeeky ) and I think, "oh no" so I duck under the table.  Then I hear this very loud clacking of nails on the deck on our back big glass window. Then my dog starts growling.  I'm trying to stay overall out of sight.  Then I hear this scratching on the window.  I think, " Whats going on?" so I peek over a little bit and there was a pair of sickly pale yellow/green eyes and a big dark shaggy form about 8-9 feet tall. I am now freaking out! I manage to get into the basement again and get my dad's rifle ( in case of emergency he says,) and get back up.  By the time I got up again I looked out the door.  There's nothing but a few scratches on the door so I call my dad and say I saw something.  He said he'd be home in about 15 minutes.  I said to hurry.  He got home in 10.  He said, "Why's the gate open and why do you have my gun?" so I told him.  He said he didn't know, but the scratches on the glass are still there and to this day I can't forget it because I have to look at it everyday.

Another fictional story by Steven:

Walking through the woods one day changed my life forever.  My friends George, Tim & I were walking in the woods looking for a cool place to make a creepy video and someone said there was a shack out here.  So we were walking around looking for it and by now it was getting around sunset.  Suddenly George says "What was that Tim?" and I look at him like, 'What are you talking about?' and he responds, "It was like a blur of black and a bit of yellow."   

I said he was crazy - he said he wanted to go.   Then out of nowhere this tunnel forms in the ground.  I then saw a sign that said " mining camp " and we could tell it was old and abandoned.  I said, "This is cool, it;s gotta be from the civil war or close."  I said we gotta go down there.  Tim said, "I don't know."  George said, "No way!"  I said, "Fine Tim, I will film the video." 

Then as we were going in, George came with us and when we got down there it was black.  I luckily brought a lighter in case we got lost and lit a lamp we found.  So as we are getting deeper and deeper it's getting colder.  Then we hear a howl and we knew it was time to go.  So then I see a room and said, "Hang on, let's check it out."  I smelled a horrible smell.  When I'm rounding the corner, I see bones and bones and bones.  Then I find the smell - a half rotten moose!  That's when we hear this gutteral growl and we turn and find ourselves face to face with this 8ft tall black furred creature with glowing eyes!  That's when we all run as fast as we can.  I had noticed that there was a hallway which had what looked like phosphorous veins.  So as we are running I throw one of my lighters as hard as I can at the wall and instantly it catches fire.  This stops the beast for a second until he jumps through the fire!!  Now that it's mad, it jumps and leaps on George!  He screamed and we knew he was gone.  We then ran out of that tunnel and didn't stop until we hit a road.  We then ran toward town and didn't stop until we saw houses.  We then came up to someone's house to use a phone and call my parents.  After that we never saw George again.  His parents didn't believe us and tried suing but then lost when we were put against a lie detector.   We didn't counter sue because they had lost enough and unfortunately they moved away.  That was the last we saw of them and we never have gone back in those woods and never will.

A fictional story by Pehgi:

Last year my husband and I bought a brand new Harley Davidson. A real nice one. As the motorcycling season in northern Michigan was drawing to a close, Joe and I decided to take an evening cruise up the tunnel of trees (you know M119). It was light enough when we started our tour but got dark quickly in the trees. There is a section up toward Cross Village that is nothing but forest on both sides of the road. 

As we were riding through the twists and turns we could hear noises in the woods. Considering we could hear them over the bike they were pretty loud. It sounded like something running through the woods. Of course I had just finished a book about Dogmen in northern Michigan so Joe said I was imagining things. I was pretty freaked because I kept catching shadows out of the corners of my eyes. 

Finally Joe heard it too and slowed down to investigate. That's when it happened. We were still moving about 30 mph and I let out a yelp. Joe must have cut the corner too sharp because a stick hit my leg and there was a scratching noise from the back of the bike. We blew it off until we got to the Legs Inn.

When I got off the bike my chaps were slashed.  There were 4 evenly spaced slashes just above my ankle and the fender of the bike looked like a dog had clamped its jaw down on it. Whatever it was just barely nicked my skin but it hurt for weeks. 

A fictional story by Arthur:

This event happened when I was about 14 years old. My family lives in Manistee County and I have always lived in that area. I had heard about the legend and the Dogman but I had always thought that I was just some crazy Halloween horror story. Well, after this happened, I changed my mind about the Dogman. My house is in the middle of the Manistee National Forest so it is supposedly in the middle of Dogman country. 

One day, me and two of my cousins (Mack is 12 and Rick is 11) went back to this really hilly area about a mile back in the woods. The area is kind of weird because the rest of the forest around this part is all flat but this little area has several hills and in the center there is this wide depression in the ground which we call “The Crater” because it looks like a small meteor had hit there. The crater is about 3 feet deep and is in a oval shape. It is about 100 feet long and about 40 feet wide. Well the day I went down to the crater with my cousins, we had brought some fireworks along because my mom didn’t like the noise around the house. When we got to the crater it was about 9 P.M. We started lighting the fireworks but soon it got too dark to be able to see the wicks to light them. So we packed up the fireworks and stared walking back toward the house. Then, I don’t what made me do it, but I turned around to look back at the crater. Just as I looked back, I saw a tall, dark figure rise out of the crater. One thing I remember was that it had two giant ears sticking up on its head so that’s how I knew it wasn’t a human. The first thing I thought was that it was dad trying to scare us but then it leaned its head back and let out a horrid screeching howl, kind of like a wolf’s but more deep and scratchy. When I heard this I dropped the bag of fireworks and took off. 

My cousins didn’t see the creature but heard the howl and figured if their older cousin had just dropped his bag of precious fireworks and took off, then It probably wasn’t a bad idea for them too either. From where we started running, we had about a half mile to run to the house. All the while we ran I heard rustling sounds behind us and sometimes heavy footfalls snapping branches. It was getting closer! Luckily we reached the edge of my yard just as the noises seemed right on top of us. We kept sprinting until we were on the porch and then we turned around but couldn’t see anything in the dark woods. Then, just as we were about to go inside we heard that same horrible howl but this time it was right on the outside of yard. We scrambled inside and that’s the last I saw or heard of the Dogman. A couple weeks later I drove back there on my four-wheeler and put up a trail camera that overlooked the crater. After about a year I had gotten no photos of the Dogman but there was this one picture that made me wonder. The date was 9-26-97 and it was at 11:48 P.M. There is nothing to be seen but on the other side of the crater there are two glowing things in the dark that look like eyes, they are yellow and the eyes are standing about 7 feet off the ground…

The Rock Creature from  Ariel (posted 4/7/09)

One day that I happened to be at my dad's house I was in my brother's room with him and that was where it started.  We were sitting on his bed watching TV and playing the play station when we heard a bump in the closet like something fell.

 I said,  "James what was that?" 

Then he said "Ariel to tell you the truth I don't know.  You stay here while I go and check it out".  Since the door was cracked a little bit it opened by the cat named Fuzz.   She jumped on the bed with me, and laid on my lap while I petted her.  All of a sudden James grabbed a stick he had in his room and the door shut all by itself.   I was so freaked out by then.  Then after about 3 minutes James started to hit something that was a blur to me.

 "James," I said " what are you hitting?"

He said he was hitting something that looked like a rock and had glowing yellow eyes (which I could make out quite fine)"  All of a sudden the blur moved behind the TV and TV stand and started to ram into the TV.  While the rock creature was doing that, right where I was sitting it felt like something hit the bed from underneath which caused me to move up with the huge bulge. James was all the way across the room wondering what had just happened.  As I started to cry from being scared, my dad knocked on the door and could not get in so I said "coming."  I opened the door or at least tried to but it would not budge so I started crying harder as I yelled, "Dad we can't get out and you can not get in and there is this rock creature trying to kill us!" 

"Stay here, I will go call the cops!" he yelled.   That was when all of a sudden the lights turned on and the door opened. I was so relieved. Still as the days pass we occasionally see and hear the rock creature. IT is very scary.

This one's a FICTIONAL story by Ryan:

One oddly silent night I was hanging out with a group of my friends in northwest Michigan. We usually hangout every weekend and do things that get the adrenaline pumping. Everything from launching fireworks at personal property to invading so-called haunted graveyards at midnight with only the light of the full moon. My friends and I are an odd bunch of kids (or so I have been told) who have been best friends since back in the good old days of elementary school. That night bonded us through fear and horror of what all but one of us experienced.

We live in the small county of Goldstream, which is flat farmland with some swap-like areas. We were cruising along the road when we pulled into the parking lot of a church undergoing construction. There were traffic cones signaling the areas undergoing work that we decided to take just for the hell of it. My friend Alex took five in his car and I took five in mine. Our plan was to go just outside the county where it was desolate and mess with traffic with the cones we had acquired. On the drive there, we noticed that all the cows in one pen were huddled in the corner as if hiding from something, but we though nothing of it. Upon reaching our destination, we heard a far off howl, but because we were the adventurous types, we shrugged it off thinking it was just a common timber wolf. OH! How wrong we were. 

The fog was very thick at this time of night (around midnight I would say) and drivers would only be able to see a few feet in front of them, and would not be able to avoid any cones out in the road. What a terribly clever idea I thought to myself as I set a few in the road about 15 yards from each other. After the very second that I had set the last cone down, we heard the howling again, but this time it received our full attention. This was mainly because it seemed a lot closer this time. My friend Cody kept insisting that we should leave and that it would be in our best interest to not have to deal with whatever was howling. But our attention was drawn away from the howling as we heard a car approach the area of road with the traffic cones. After a few seconds of listening we heard the car come to a screeching halt as it hit a cone. Knowing that we were in big trouble, we ran farther into this swampy section of land. We heard footsteps on the round and the rough sound of an older gentleman say “damn kids!”

This is when it got bad. We knew the old man had left but we could continue to hear footsteps, these were much heavier and behind us. Cody said to make a run for it but I must have confused “run to the car” with “Find a new hiding spot!” As all my friends except for a boy named Mike took a right, I took a left. I came to the edge of a murky pond where I could hear something large splashing the water out just beyond the visibility levels of the fog. At this point I had no doubt that I was dealing with the DogMan of Michigan and I was trembling as though I was in an earthquake. Mike and I had curiosity get the best of us and we leaned forward a bit to have a look. The dim outline of an extremely large man came into view but this was no man. The yellow eyes were staring me down as I examined the rest of it. I heard a small yelp and Mike had made a run for it but I stood still, frozen with fear. The beast was extremely hairy with a snout and fangs large enough to bite clean through a man my size ( I was fairly skinny and 6’ tall). The one thing that really hooked me was that it was a bipedal animal, standing on two feet. The beast's yellow eyes continued to stare me down and I noticed that it began to move in my direction. I then heard yells of my name. “Ryan!” I heard “Ryan hurry to the car!” I was relieved that my friends had not left without me but more alarmed at the beast slowly making its way towards me. I ran like a Kenyan marathon runner towards the sound of the voices and I could hear the large splash of the beast exiting the water in my direction. I reached my car and everyone was relieved to see me in one piece.

We jumped into the car and I gunned it down the road. And just as we got moving the 7’ monster got to the side of the road and clawed my car. Then it let out the most bloodcurdling howl I can never forget. The worst part was that I heard a return howl in the direction I was heading. Alex’s car was in front of me and I saw it stop and drift around into the opposite direction of me and I did the same when I saw a similar beast ahead of me. As we drove past the spot where the first one clawed my car, I saw the beast standing, just watching as we passed by.

It has been four years since we encountered this thing and I have not gone through one whole night without having a nightmare about the events that took place that day. We joke about it occasionally but we mainly keep our thoughts to ourselves. Since that first encounter I have heard that call many a time and now I know what lies in the woods of Michigan in Goldstream County.

Our next fictional submission comes from Nolan Ricketts:

Legend has it that a Dogman lives in the mountains near Lake Michigan and 2 boys were camping but they were not warned about the Dogman. They went hunting in the night, 1 died and the 1 barely made it. The boy was never seen again. Some claim he has turned into the Dogman, some claim he is the Dogman but we will never know. The end.
Our first fictional submission comes from Gus:

Charleston High School was decorated with banners and lights for this year's homecoming. 

Mark sat with his girlfriend Amy on the bleachers above the football field. "I'm freezing" said Amy. "Here, take my jacket" said Mark. "Thanks" said Amy. At the end of the first quarter, Charleston was losing to Belmont 7-0. 

When the game was finally over, Mark offered to take Amy home in his car. While they drove through the night, talking about the game and school, Mark noticed that another car had been following him for quite awhile. "That guy has been following us" Mark told Amy. "He probably just lives around my house and is going the same way." she replied. 

After Mark dropped off Amy and they kissed goodnight, he headed home. Once again, the same car started to follow him. Mark decided to pull over and see who it was. As he pulled over, the other car did the same. Walking up to the car, Mark couldn't see who was in it because of the dark. then, the front window rolled down, and gaz! ing at him were two glowing eyes, and fangs that dripped with blood. 

In his frightened state, he took off to his car as fast as he could. When he drove off, he noticed that the car was no longer following him. As he turned back around, he saw a man standing in the middle of the road. Without being able to stop, Mark hit the man and sent him to the ground. 

"I'm sorry, are you alright!?!?" asked Mark. The man did not even speak, instead he turned his head all the way around and stared at Mark with the same glowing eyes. The man screamed at him, got up, and began to walk to him. His head was cocked to one side and he was moaning like some sort of zombie in a movie. 

Mark got in his car and tried to start it, but it didn't work. The man got closer to his car, finally it started and the man disappeared. 

"Mark?" whispered Amy's voice. Mark whirled around and not Amy he found, but in the passenger seat was some sort of wolf with yellow glowing eyes.



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