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"The Legend" by Steve Cook
The ballad that started it all and 
became the inspiration for the novel.

Dogman Encounters & Evidence
Michigan-Dogman Website

The website for all novels by
Frank Holes, Jr.

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Tales From Dogman Country

by Frank Holes Jr.

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Michigan folklore & legend come to life!

As Featured on The History Channel's
Monster Quest!

Episode entitled, "American Wolfman"
Dogman's World-Wide Debut!  
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Year of the Dogman

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Michigan's Dogman:  
Myth or reality?


With a master’s in educational leadership from Central Michigan University, and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Michigan State University, Frank Holes, Jr. teaches literature, writing, and mythology at the middle school level and was recently named a regional Teacher of the Year. He lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Michele, son James, and daughter Sarah.  


Tales From Dogman Country
a collection of haunting tales by
Frank Holes Jr.

Terrorizing the North, October 29, 2010!


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News: August 2, 2011

It's here!  Get your official copy of 
The Dogman Epoch: 
Shadow and Flame
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Latest News: April 18, 2011

Yes, there will be a NEW Dogman book coming this summer!  It's an action-packed thriller, part science-fiction, part mystery, and part fantasy as we learn the deeper, darker history of the Dogman and how the creature could change the fate of the world.  Look for it July 4!


We've posted the front cover, fabulous artwork by Craig Tollenaar, to our fans on Facebook and abroad.  


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From "The Pioneer Story"

“Tell us one of their stories, please?” David begged.  Again, his mother shot him a dark look from above her knitting pins. 

“Well now,” began Black Jack, “I ‘spose I can do that.  Both the Ottawa and the Chippewa share a story that’s not too unlike an old French legend I grew up learning from my own Granpere.  It’s a deep, dark legend about a creature that is believed to haunt the woods at night.  My Granpere called it the loup-garou, the ‘man-wolf,’ a creature that looks like a wolf and walks like a man.  The Ottawa called it the wiindigoo, an evil spirit that takes the physical form of a man-like beast that craves human flesh.  They’re well known, by the Indian tales that is, to even sneak into villages at night and carry victims away.”

Abigail shuddered, snuggling in closer to her father.  Being a banker by trade, he only smiled and put his arm around her.  He believed in the reality of numbers and ledgers, and stories were just fiction to him. 

Black Jack continued his tale.  “This wiindigoo sometimes possessed an evil man’s soul, and if the man possessed enough Mide, that’s a spiritual magic they believe in, mind ya, he could even change his shape.  Yes indeed, lad.  That evil man became one with his animal totem, becoming, in this case, a wolf that walked like a man.” 

“So did these loup-garous hunt people?” David asked, fascinated. 

“Oh, they were plenty terrible,” the trapper said.  “I was even afraid myself many nights, when I stayed alone in the wild lands.  The loup-garou is often said to search out and devour those who leave the safety of their villages.  And there’s nothing that can stop them.”

“But it’s just a story, right?” squeaked Abigail.

“Here, look at this beauty, and then you decide,” Black Jack said, reaching into the deep satchel that slung around his neck and shoulder.  In the glow of the campfire, everyone could see the long, curved claw he held up.  Handing it to David’s father, Black Jack said, “Be very careful, it’s still very sharp.”


Locations around Michigan where you can purchase your own copy:

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logmark bookstore: cheboygan

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Art by Craig Tollenaar

"The Tale of Claybank Lake"

James Bowden, according to the report, was a friend of the victim.  Or at least the closest thing to a friend that Terry Dellis had.  Since Dellis was homebound (and a recluse by nature), Bowden often brought him groceries and any mail , usually every two or three weeks.  The last time he’d checked on Dellis was on March 14 when he’d dropped off, among other things, beer and olives for St. Patrick’s Day.  Dellis was an old Greek, Bowden noted, and though he disdained American olives for lacking size and flavor, they were still the only olives he could get.  St. Patrick’s Day, though not important to a man of Greek descent, gave him an excuse to drink a lot of beer.  Bowden said that he’d bring the largest jar of olives he could buy at Oleson’s Market on every trip, and in the trash he’d undoubtedly see the empty jar from the previous visit.  Bowden also apparently took Dellis’s garbage to the city dump and dropped his bills off at the post office on these visits. 

Bowden had arrived just before 2:30 and found the front door locked.  Normally Dellis left the door unlocked for him, so this immediately raised concern.  Of course, looking through the window and seeing the victim’s upside down body protruding through the floorboards prompted Bowden to drive home immediately and call the sheriff’s office. 

During the interview with Bowden, the second deputy was totally perplexed.  The front door had still been locked.  In fact, the snow had drifted up onto all sides of the cabin.  The only tracks in were those of the neighbor.  Finding probable cause (he could see the body inside as well), the deputy forced open the front door.  There was no smell from the body because the house and its contents were pretty much frozen solid. 








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