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"The Legend" by Steve Cook
The ballad that started it all and 
became the inspiration for the novel.

Dogman Encounters & Evidence
Michigan-Dogman Website

The website for all novels by
Frank Holes, Jr.

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The Haunting of Sigma
A Dogman Legend

by Frank Holes Jr.

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Michigan folklore & legend come to life!

As Featured on The History Channel's
Monster Quest!

Episode entitled, "American Wolfman"
Dogman's World-Wide Debut!  
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Year of the Dogman

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Nagual: Dawn Of The Dogmen
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Michigan's Dogman:  
Myth or reality?


With a masterís in educational leadership from Central Michigan University, and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Michigan State University, Frank Holes, Jr. teaches literature, writing, and mythology at the middle school level and was recently named a regional Teacher of the Year. He lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Michele, son James, and daughter Sarah.  

2013 Book Signing Tour:
More Dates Announced!


In The Haunting of Sigma, Frank Holes, Jr. returns fans of the legendary Dogman to the wild world of cryptozoology in Northern Michigan .  This darker, far more sinister prequel to Holesís first novel fully establishes his hold upon the imaginations of readers all over the Midwest .  June 1987 ushers in the hot, dry summer season, but something else far more horrifying has taken up residence in the deep wilderness in Kalkaska County .  The Dogman, a supernatural combination of canine and man, has returned to wreck havoc upon the tiny, sleepy community of Sigma.

Eric Martin, a young conservation officer with a propensity for trouble, uncovers clues to a mysterious beast stalking the dense forests.  The townsfolk share nightmarish accounts of horrifying grunts and howls that permeate the dark hours.  Gigantic, mysterious wolf-like prints are scattered at the scene of several Ďaccidentsí and vandalized properties.  Pets come up missing, and livestock are slaughtered mercilessly.  A number of residents disappear completely in the chaos.  Phone lines go dead and the power is lost unexpectedly.  And the clues all connect back to a preposterous folklore song about an even more unbelievable legendary creature. 

Some folks packed their bags to escape the madness.  Some folks loaded guns in an attempt to solve the problem themselves.  And every night during that long week, everyone stayed awake.  Only a handful have discovered the creatureís true identity, but they may be far too late to save the desperate inhabitants and the little village from total destruction.  In this terrible prequel to the regional thriller, Year of the Dogman, Frank Holes, Jr. yet again spins a tale of suspense and horror as Sigma counts down its last few days of existence. 


In the seventh year of the '80s decade, the Dogman arrived in the  little northern Michigan community of Sigma...and it was never the same again...   

The Haunting of Sigma
a novel by
Frank Holes Jr.

Terrorizing the North, July 4, 2008!

News: August 2, 2011

It's here!  Get your official copy of 
The Dogman Epoch: 
Shadow and Flame
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Latest News: April 18, 2011

Yes, there will be a NEW Dogman book coming this summer!  It's an action-packed thriller, part science-fiction, part mystery, and part fantasy as we learn the deeper, darker history of the Dogman and how the creature could change the fate of the world.  Look for it July 4!


News: May 29, 2009

The third novel in the Dogman series, Nagual: Dawn Of The Dogmen, has moved from manuscript to editing!  Look for it this summer!

News: July 14, 2008

It's here!  Get your official copy of 
The Haunting of Sigma through the link below to our store:

Want to read a little of the novel online?  Check out our online 
The Haunting of Sigma
by clicking the link below:


June 8, 2008

The official cover for the new Sigma book has been released on our website.  It has been expertly designed by Craig Tollenaar, artist extraordinaire who created the covers for Frank's other books. 

May 31, 2008

The manuscript for The Haunting of Sigma has been completed, edited, and uploaded to our publisher, Booksurge.  The official cover will be released on our website on June 1.  The official release date for the novel will be July 4, 2008.  


May 15, 2008

To celebrate our upcoming one year anniversary, we are giving away FREE gifts.  On the first day of June, July, and August of 2008, one lucky fan will be randomly chosen from our email newsletter opt-in list to receive a Dogman hat or poster.  




We now have copies of Steve Cook's 'The Legend' Legacy Edition CD set as well as Frank Holes Jr.'s Year of the Dogman available online.  Full payment options are available through PayPal.  Click here to order!


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From the back cover of the novel:

"The creature would suffer the best mankind could throw at it and still survive.  It could live through crashes and impacts of every sort.  It wasnít a werewolf, and couldnít be taken down by silver bullets, nor by any bullets of any sort.  It had survived the ravages of fire and ice, of great storms and time eternal.  It had seen the rise and fall of many native civilizations, and it had even aided the destruction of cultures.  Its roots traced back to the blackest of supernatural magic.  It wasnít any sort of animal native to our world.  And it was a far cry from its once human origins. 

"Days were quiet and nights were silent.  That was the one nice aspect of the little community out in the woods.  Very little excitement ever happened.  Folksí lives generally followed their basic routines.  They worked hard.  They played hard.  In many cases they drank hard.  The community was fairly close-knit; everyone knew each other. It was a rare event that an outsider bothered anybody or anybody got themselves really riled up.  At least it was that way until that third week of June, 1987.  The haunting of Sigma had begun, and the townís days were numbered."

Locations around Michigan where you can purchase your own copy:

horizons bookstores: petoskey, traverse city, cadillac

bookworld bookstores: Iron Mountain, Escanaba, Marquette, St. Ignace

bookmark bookstores: Manistee & ludington

logmark bookstore: cheboygan

goldenrod gifts: indian river

kens village market: indian river

great lakes books:  big rapids

Lelanau Books: Leland

True North Books: Mackinaw City

Ducks Landing: Mackinac City



March 13, 2008

The manuscript for Frank's newest novel, code-named "The Laptop", has been completed, and is in the hands of our editor.  Release date for the new novel will be tentatively May 1, 2008

Frank has also begun work on the sequel to the first Dogman book.  Look for 
The Haunting of Sigma this summer!

January 23, 2008:

The History Channel's program MonsterQuest will air a Dogman special TONIGHT, January 23, 2008 at 10pm.  Click here for more information from Steve Cook's website!


October 7, 2007
Teachers:  Click here for Educator's Specials on Classroom Sets of our Novel.  Great Prices and Discounts!

Art by Craig Tollenaar


Frank's Blog:

February 9, 2008:  "Although the History Channel's MonsterQuest program was a slight disappointment for Michigan's Dogman fans, it was nonetheless a fabulous documentary of the Dogman phenomena.  We've talked to many in northern Michigan who wished the program discussed many more of the sightings and encounters in our own state.  And I was happy to see the Big Rapids encounter was mentioned on the program.

"I think we need to remember that Linda Godfrey, author of Weird Michigan, Beast of Bray Road, etc. is from Wisconsin, and she helped to put together the show.  It is natural that she would like to focus on her own state.  If MonsterQuest had asked me for input, I would have naturally focused on the legends and folklore of Michigan. But they didn't.  Linda has certainly been following this phenomena for a long time now, and is the regional expert.   I think we need to keep that in mind.  Michigan's Dogman legend will gain its recognition in due time.  

"Regardless of the source of the information, I thought it was GREAT that the Dogman legend is being shared across the US and around the entire world.  The description of the creature is the same whether in Michigan or Wisconsin.  The encounters and sightings are certainly similar.  It won't be long before the Dogman gains the legendary status that Bigfoot  has in many locales.  At least it will be a recognizable name in places other than the Midwest.

"I've been overwhelmed by the number of emails we've received connected to the MonsterQuest special.  Obviously it was a hit around the US.  And that's what has us so excited here in northern Michigan.  

"Again, I thank all of our fans and the believers out there.  Keep sharing your stories!"


March 13, 2008:  "We've finished the rough draft manuscript for our next novel, which at this time is code-named "THE LAPTOP", since we don't have an official title yet.  THE LAPTOP is a children's fantasy-adventure based upon the mythological story of The Odyssey.  The main character is a young boy named James who is transported to a fantasy world reminiscent of the American Old West of the 1870s.  There he meets up with a Civil War Veteran / U.S. Marshal named Stephan Odysseus, and the two of them must journey across the frontier, past the Rockies, to San Francisco where the Marshal must put his family and business back to rights.  Along the way they encounter fabulous creatures and terrible villains, and James finds an inner strength he never knew he had.

"THE LAPTOP is a fun, exciting book geared for elementary and middle school readers, though the story and its influences from Greek mythology will appeal to older readers too.  Students of Greek mythology will recognize the references to characters, monsters, and  events based on the Odyssey.  

"We hope to have THE LAPTOP available May 1, though that is an aggressive timeline.  We are pleased to be able to offer a book for younger readers who may not be ready for Year of the Dogman.  

"Just this past weekend, we've moved a large number of novels at the UP Spring Craft Fair in Escanaba, MI.  And we were able to meet several other aspiring authors whose work, which was shared with us, you will undoubtedly see in print someday.  We are only 30 copies away from our 1000th book sale!  

"And on a final note, we've started the planning stages for The Haunting of Sigma, the follow up to Year of the Dogman.  This new novel, which will be available this summer, is set 20 years previously (1987) in the tiny village of Sigma in Kalkaska County.  It is shaping up to be a much darker, more intense reading than the first novel  was.  Classic Dogman at its best!

"Again, I thank all of our readers for their support, and look for more from MythMichigan in the near future."


Watch for Frank's next Blog soon!




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